An oasis

In the middle of olive groves in the heart of Andalusia

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A passion

Selected the most romantic hotel in Europe


A palace

Where cultures, luxury and Slow Travel philosophy are beautifully combined


An icon of the Slow Travel philosophy



The story of how a country house in the middle of olive groves became a sustainable luxury experience, attracting numerous artists, royalty and guests from around the world who were searching for the essence of Andalusia.


The Art of Barceló Slow Travel.

Slow Travel is a new way of travelling and living that connects guests to their surroundings and gives them the luxury of freeing their minds and stimulating all of their senses. La Bobadilla has its own Slow Travel philosophy.


Awards and acknowledgements

La Bobadilla,a Royal Hideaway Hotel has been recognised as one of Spain’s top hotels and each year the media finds new reasons to declare it one of the most special places to stay in Europe.


Every room in the La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is a space with its own character, surprising guests with its spaciousness and attention to detail. The completely silent outdoor areas are particularly remarkable, only interrupted by the chirping of birds. Walking into each room you can sense its history and the people - great thinkers, artists and romantic travellers that once occupied this exceptionally comfortable space.


La Bobadilla is an authentic reflection of the landscape and the essence of this unique land. In order that guests can get to know more about the culture, the hotel has designed five unique experiences that connect visitors to the surroundings, cuisine, ecology and even give couples the opportunity to have a unique romantic time together.


Each gastronomic encounter at the La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is a different experience that combines two elements: the highest level of quality and the tranquil environment of a small Andalusian village. A lunch in the church square, a dinner with views of the olive groves, a gourmet tasting session or a romantic evening under the stars... every guest and every palate will find something they love in one of our restaurants.

Facilities and Services

La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is an oasis that guarantees calm and an escape from routine that is so difficult to find nowadays. However, it also has a complete range of activities and equipment so guests can enjoy themselves to the full. Some of the facilities and services have guides or instructors, others not, and the range is very wide and constantly being added to.


A wedding in the middle of a unique natural setting and an authentic Andalusian village is something truly special. Likewise, a meeting, conference or professional presentation in a remote 5-star hotel that is nevertheless well-connected with the main Andalusian cities is also an event that will be remembered. Events are always unique at La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel.


Andalusia is a magical land thanks to its beauty and its interesting richness and charm inherited from the different cultures that make up its history. La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is in the heart of Andalusia, and from this privileged location visitors can access many tourist attractions.
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